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No one cares more about your health and satisfaction than we do at Another Approach to Health! We know you will find the same amazing results and benefits we have seen. The CBD oil benefits are hard to ignore, and the results from each of our products have proven amazing. You will find health, relief, and satisfaction.

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The Absolute Best In Health & Wellness Products

When it comes to CBD oil, we have done our research and have found the very best product available from Touchstone Essentials. This is a product we believe in because we have seen the many CBD oil benefits and the difference in this product: no CBD oil is more potent and safe, as a natural, certified-organic product. In addition to CBD oil products and best certified organic greens, we also partner with American Dream Nutrition for the best in health and wellness products, and Pure-Light for their revolutionary air purification light bulb technology that kills 99.9% bacteria and virus.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is another name for Cannabidiol which is one of many possible cannabinoids extracted from the Hemp plant. CBD oil is receiving so much attention right now because not only has it been shown to provide incredible health benefits, it has no psychoactive effects.

Our CBD oil contains virtually no THC (less than 0.02%) which makes it a healthy, natural option for pain relief, stress relief, and more. Although hemp has a long history that should not be ignored, it is only relatively recently that society has begun to fully recognise the many CBD oil benefits and possibilities in this plant. Historically, hemp has been used for paper, rope, and fabric: even the first American Flag was hemp.

As to the medical benefits, a growing mountain of scientific research into hemp and CBD oil benefits continue to reveal the varied and significant benefits to be found in this plant. No other plant contains the special, important compounds like CBD does, and with every new groundbreaking study, we are coming to appreciate this special plant even more.

CBD Oil Benefits

There are many CBD oil benefits including that it can help with soreness, stress, emotions, sleeplessness, and inflammation.

CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can help relieve pain, improve cardiovascular function, reduce insomnia, reduce anxiety, improve skin condition, improve cravings and blood sugar, improve blood pressure, is antispasmodic, and so much more. Looking for clear results? Then you need to try the Touchstone CBD oil: no CBD oil is more pure or effective. This best and most effective CBD oil works with and feeds your body’s own endocannabinoid system and receptors (which need cannabinoids for several of the body’s processes).

No other plant contains the same compounds for affecting these receptors, which is why CBD oil benefits the whole body and is so unique. In this way, cannabidiol actually improves overall wellness. With CBD affecting the principal cannabinoid receptors in the brain, it promotes a healthy mindset, improves cognition and memory, and so much more.

Health & Wellness

We have done our research on the very best products that will impact your health and wellness. As far as we are concerned, at Another Approach to Health, nothing is more important or will have more widespread effects in your life than your good health.

That’s why when we found these amazing companies, we knew we wanted to share our experience. Touchstone Essentials - All Touchstone products are certified organic, and we have seen the effectiveness of the products in our own lives. Products include Zeolite Cellular Detox, Super Green Juice, Calm Premium Hemp (CBD) oil, Soothe Topical Hemp Balm for external wounds, Organic Super Protein, Detox Super Pack, Boost Focus Fuel for the brain, Essentials' vitamins, and minerals, Wellspring antioxidants, and Green Energy. Check them out today.

American Dream Nutrition - American Dream has focused on problem areas that people are suffering from to help them gain relief now. Products include, Phytozon - anti-aging formula (brain, body, flexibility, joint health, energy, vitality and well being); Stem Cell Release Factor - reverse aging; Wild Shiaga - fights illness and disease, including bacteria and viruses; Pura AquaMins - purify water and replace the trace minerals you need every day by adding to your water or juice; Nitro Release Factor - NitricOxide formula for improved cardiorespiratory endurance and performance; ChagaPlus - Chaga herb with Camu Camu is “The Medicinal King of Herbs”. Check them out today.

What Makes Our Products Better?

Unlike many other health, wellness and CBD oil product companies out there, we partner with the best sources, with the most effective products that have been tested and proven!

Touchstone Essentials’ CBD oil is fully potent because it makes use of all parts of the plant, creating a full-spectrum oil. It is also completely NON-GMO, certified organic, and pesticide-free; making it a fully natural and safe product. It is made following good manufacturing practices to help maintain a natural, organic product while enhancing the CBD oil benefits and nutrition of the product.

When it comes to additional health and wellness supplements, American Dream Nutrition has some of the most beneficial herbal products on the market. They use the very latest in science technology to deliver top-quality supplements for cardiovascular health, multivitamins, and more.

Pure Light: In addition to health and wellness supplements, we also partner with Pure-Light. Pure Light light bulbs uses a scientific process to actually purify the air in the room, simply by having the lights turned on. Used in combination with your regular health and wellness routine, Pure-Light can help keep you breathing clean air while in the comfort of your home.

Why Another Approach to Health?

Because it's natural, beneficial and works! Natural is always better because your body loves to get the nutrition and support it needs to be healthy and fight off infection, disease and the effects of age and illness.

We urge you to try the products and feel the difference from the first bottle. Do you have some nagging, endless aches, pains, illnesses, weakness, suffering, and problems? Why live with it any longer?

Life is supposed to be fun, fulfilling and joyful. So, get healthy and get on living life to the fullest!

Join us today in being healthy, happy and drug-free!

About Another Approach to Health

Another Approach to Health includes every aspect of your life. Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Financial. We have some surprises for you...peek inside...

The economy of the United States and the world has been very good and growing. But just recently we were hit with the Corona Virus that caused the markets of the world to drop, with loss of business, loss of employment, extra food expenses, shelter, medical care, loss of savings and investments.

Everyone now has a need for additional income with something they can do from home. A home business or internet business that will help to bring in extra money and to cover the loss of a job and investment or retirement accounts that have been hit hard.

We offer some very good opportunities - It may not be exactly what you want to do, but this can be fun, creative and exciting with opportunities to produce more than your job and income from the past.

All we ask of you is to be open-minded and give each opportunity the chance to spark an interest and provide potential for unlimited growth and income. The opportunity is yours. Check them out.

Touchstone Essentials - Certified Organics for a world that is polluted with chemicals and toxins.

American Dream Nutrition - Life-changing Niche Health products that are changing people's lives and health for the better. Read the testimonials and you will see.

rNetwork - Changing the way the world does its finances. Save money automatically, earn as others spend worldwide. The world is now at your feet.

Meet Our Team

Meet Renee Quackenbush

Renee Quackenbush

My journey began at the age of 7 when I started caring for my mother who was struggling with depression and diagnosed with mental illness. I did not know then that I was beginning my life's work.

I've spent many years using Another Approach to seeking out ways to improve physical health using Alternatives. This is how Charlotte Schneider and I have spent the last 7 years.

Being hired as her personal assistant, our goal was/is to reverse her Primary Progressive MS. During this time, we have accomplished a lot being introduced to doctors, natural paths, ordinary everyday people who gave advice and helped us, in improving Charlotte's quality of life.

We have been using Alternatives and that is what we are all about today... because they work. We are finding and introducing Another Approach to Health to help our bodies become more balanced and healthy.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Schneider

How I experience the world is a summation of my 40 years studying tree health and 34 years experiencing the distress of Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Since being introduced to alternative medicines by Renee, my Personal Assistant, my health has improved considerably. Hope for the future is attached to every breath taken and prayer offered, and to every person seeking answers to a better quality of life.

I was born in 1946 in St Louis, Missouri. In December 1977, I graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a B.S. in Forest Management. I worked for 1 year in the City of Little Rock AR, in Park Planning, 10 years in Sullivan, MO cruising timber and fighting forest fires, 3 years in St Joseph, 3 years at Rockwoods as a Naturalist, 8 years as an Urban Forester to retirement from Missouri Dept. of Conservation in 2001. BI became a Certified Arborist in 1998 and awarded a Bronze Hard Hat and Able Toastmaster-Bronze.

I am a blogger for 2 Blogs called MS Primary Progressive and Urban Arboretum

I'm also an author of two books, 'Female Forester Forever – Memoirs', and 'Our Little Urban Arboretum – A Diary', both available through Balboa Press and Amazon.

Order Touchstone Essentials

Order Touchstone Essentials

Touchstone Essentials- Clean Certified Organics for a world that is polluted with Chemicals and Toxins.

Order American Dream Nutrition

Order American Dream Nutrition

American Dream Nutrition - Life changing Niche Health products that are changing peoples lives and health for the better. Read the testimonials and you will see.

Order Pure-Light Light Bulbs

Pure Light Technologies - Making Homes & Businesses and the World - Cleaner... Fresher... Happier... Safer...


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These products are Superior to Health Food Store Products! Ask us why!

If you are finally ready to see the benefits of Certified Organic for exceptional health in your own life, contact us today. Watch the videos to see the true difference.